Friday, April 01, 2005

So Much To Say with So Much Time To Say It

First off let me justt say, this absolutely sucks for me. I hate not being on the air everyday.
Radio is my life has never been about the money or becoming a "Local Celebrity" (whatever that means). The fact is, I love my job. It's who I am and really the one thing I have built my life around the last eleven years.

I started in radio at fifteen years old and have been doing radio ever since.
Working for two top forty stations before ending up at KWOD as a part-timer in Feb of '98, I never would have guessed how much of an impact KWOD would eventually have on my career. To make a long story short, I was employed by Ed Stolz former independent owner of KWOD for five years, three of which were full-time with no benefits, vacations, and oh yeah and did I mention -
NO BENEFITS! So I think it's safe to say I'm in this business for the love of it not for the materialistic blah blah.

So when the Entercom long-winded acquisition of KWOD finally became reality, we all were a little on edge to say the least. After all, as an employee of Ed Stolz we had job security for life, as long as you stayed on his good side.

But with an actual contract, benefits, and a 401k plan, you quickly become oblivious to the name Stolz.

Ed who?

Well, In the end Ed would have been the only way KWOD would have any chance of remaining the real KWOD. Me flying to Mars and back in one day is more of a possibility than Ed ever having the keys to KWOD. With that said, corporate radio proved to be corporate radio and flipped formats on a heritage Sacramento station that will forever be remembered as the station that brought Nirvana home to meet your parents. Such an amazing time for all music lovers the early nineties. KWOD shook up the market and deservingly so.

Now, we are left with corporate radios answer to the ipod. Being touted as "Jack" or "Ben" in other markets across the country. Entercom has opted to go with KWOD. OOps, I mean KWOD V2.0. Same brand, different taste. It's like going from fruit punch to urine. Same punch I drank an hour ago but a little warmer and filtered beyond filtering with a much more crappy taste. Well, it's ultimately up to your taste buds to decide. Drink up!!!!

Sure, business is business, I guess. Doesnt' business constitute professionlism? I thought so.
Would an example of proffesionalism be as follows?
Format flip at noon on 3/25/05 and a ridiculous mis-leading web-site that suggests we the former air-staff at KWOD were the reason the station was changing their image. Egos and chicken suits, "Un-educated" deejays are out. New educated deejays are in.
Translation, best air-staff in Sacramento out. Dull, robotic liner reading air-staff in.

If having a personality and opinion are considered reason for a chicken suit then sign up for an extra large. Radio is meant for opinion and real conversation embedded with the music of your life. That's what we gave you everyday at KWOD.

I take my job very seriously and have a lot of pride when it comes to it. I have to wonder why a multi-million dollar broadcasting company would have to resort to using the air-staff they just fired as a scapegoat for the reason behind the format change. Take a look for yourself What a JOKE!

The "brand" KWOD that they use so loosely today is a brand that we as a team built with little to no resources.

KEEP ALTERNATIVE RADIO ALIVE IN SACRAMENTO SUPPORT HOWARD 93.7 !! another amazing group of people that are committed to the music and you the listener. So tune in and support them, they are all we have left!
Also, KDVS the UC Davis' low-watt marvel will continue without any corporate guidelines or influence. SO Support these kids, they have amazing musical tastes and rock the airwaves the way they were meant to be rocked.

I want to thank all of my loyal listeners over the years. You stuck it out through five shift changes a new company, and whole lot of good times. So, thank you so much, I truly am in debt for your loyalty.
Thank you so much everyone for your support and goodbye for now!
I will start a new chapter in Sacramento radio, this I promise you.

"KWOD Version 2.OH" claims to be radio without rules! Don't believe this crap! Radio with rules and a horrible gimmick would be a safer description. So please support honest radio, not corporate smoke screens!